If we do not have a criteria to decide on whatever it could be, include all things whether its form is materiality or immateriality, It would be quite difficult to elusive its own value in the era where we live. Relation between Time and Money, they have accumulated their own sanctuary from far away before we were born, dare I say it, since 16th century.

As we know there are strong streams at the bottom of the deep river that cannot be seen from the outside. Those who want to feel of the power of that strong stream of that water must jump into the river. If we sincerely long for to be known the meaning of our real life and being able to feel with all the five senses while we live our limited life, we must make our own norms, it is little bit tired but, we have to test ourselves repeatedly based on criteria. It could be test or examination, doesn’t matter whatever it is called, but in all respects, it depends on how we do accept. For example, we had an examination repeatedly at the school. Why? For what reason had we had an exam? Because of to know whether we understood on what we had had learnt. We were judged our understanding by criterion called test and the direction where we should go was proposed (or given which was already made) in accordance with the result of the test we had.Enterprise, military, college, politics, profit or non-profit making, moreover, all relation between every nations could not help to escape from this category like orbit of universe. Because, all they have been constructed on the Capitalism based on.

Our life is the same. We are living day by day with being suffered beyond our choice (whether we want or not) in company with people in society where we belong to.
The problem is, because of limitation of resource factor, not everyone can be a beneficiary. Moreover, it must not be limitlessness as we know why socialism could not live for a long. But it is not possible to escape from the system. What can we do then? The only way we could do is be the company. This is the most efficiency way that to change our awareness stage.

As a result, It is not saying doing business. But we have to manage (take care of) ourselves as exactly company does business. You will know exactly what you have to do and be able to know that no needed to ask someone what you should do. How to? By doing control time. When we are able to control time as tiny unit as possible, this mean we are nearby actual ourselves. Because, Time is what we are(cell).

Let’s try step by step.